Pneumatherapy vs. Psychotherapy Introduction This is not an essay comparing or contrasting treatment of lung diseases (pneumotherapy) with treatment of mental diseases. The Greek word for “spirit” is transliterated as pneuma, whereas the Greek word for “lung” is transliterated as pneumo. So, this is an essay about the treatment of the disease which infects the […]

Paul’s letter to Roman believers contains three chapters (9, 10, 11) that express Paul’s angst about Jewish believers who are not living by faith. Paul makes it clear that it’s God’s choice for some of those specific believers to live by faith so he prays that God will exercise His choice. For Paul, living by […]

Introduction Below is an issue that is the most profound and fundamental in the history of the church. Jesus taught about the issue as did the apostles in their letters. Historically, the issue has led to the birth and development of several of the great church denominations. The Issue The issue: all spiritually alive individuals […]

Introduction Historically, the Christian life has been tagged with certain adjectival epithets: the victorious Christian life; the higher Christian life; the authentic Christian life; the normal Christian life.  Sometimes helpful, these epithets often suggest that Christian life is somehow in the believer’s hands.  That is, salvation is subject to the believer’s choices, control, and actions. […]

INTRODUCTION In a previous essay—Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler—it was shown that early in the Rich Young Ruler’s meeting with Jesus, the Ruler had become born again.  Also, it was posited that the Rich Young Ruler was, in fact, John Mark.  This essay will identify the significant spiritual issue that developed between John Mark […]

a biblical illustration  of the christian’s spiritual life   Introduction     Buried in a veritable treasure trove of personal vignettes throughout the New Testament are highlights of the God designed and God implemented Christian life.  Such vignettes may be stitched together from the apostle Paul’s life—a full and imitable example of spiritual growth from birth […]