SOVEREIGNTY: GOD ALONE RUNS THE CALLING AND CHOOSING SHOW 1. Apart from God, absolutely no way exists for an unregenerate person to become regenerate. 2. A regenerate person may also be referred to as one who has been born again. 3. A regenerate person has been called of God. 4. All who have been called […]

DOES GOD GIVE FAITH? Introduction A recent journal article in the May/June 2011 issue of Grace in Focus by Dr. Bob Wilkin raised the question, “Is God An Equal Opportunity Saver?”  In his article’s  Conclusion, Dr. Wilkin answered the question with the assertions: “He [God] doesn’t give anyone faith . . . Everyone is capable […]

Introduction An intriguing parable taught by the Lord distinguished between those called by God and those chosen by God.  Since the information about the difference between these two initiatives by God toward humans was presented in parable form, it is necessary to interpret the parable’s elements to gain an accurate understanding of the parable’s intended […]

    A popular term used by biblical commentators is the word, “Judaizers.”  For example, in his excellent commentary on Galatians, F. F. Bruce comments on Gal. 2:12: “. . . ‘the circumcision party,’ i.e. Judaizers within the church (Acts 11:2; Tit. 1:10); the circumcised members of the church, i.e. Jewish Christians . . .” (Bruce, F. F. The Epistle […]

a biblical history of god’s grace   Introduction     In 1996, an English translation of the Bible was published for the first time: the New English Translation (NET).  Three years later, another English translation of the Bible made its premiere appearance: the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB).  Both translations feature sound manuscript support, capable translation […]

ESSAYS AND PAPERS IN ADJUSTMENT THEOLOGY   Over the years, these fingers pecking at a word processor have attempted to point out where contemporary church doctrine and biblical doctrine have parted company.  Some times the fingers have run on at length; other times, they have performed with brevity. As the end nears, a compendium of […]