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Introduction One of the more difficult verses to interpret in the New Testament may be found in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the beloved of God in Rome.  That verse is Rom. 5:12. A complicating factor in interpretation is that current English translations of the verse are incorrect. Not only is Rom. 5:12 difficult to […]

INTRODUCTION An extraordinary and pervasive problem exists with many of the popular commentaries on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the saints in Rome.  Just how pervasive is the problem?  By’s count, more than two thousand commentaries on Romans are available.  A random sample of those commentaries—combined with some of their extensive footnotes and bibliographies—indicates […]

Anatomy of a Miracle Romans, Chapter Four In Chapter Three of Romans, the apostle Paul asserted that all human righteousness was unacceptable to God because indwelling sin controlled everyone thereby defiling all human works.  However, Paul went on to reassure his readers that God has done something about this human dilemma.  God made His righteousness […]