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Symbolism of the Lord’s Supper Explained


Leaven is a biblical symbol of evil because, when added to dough, it controls the whole lump of dough—just like sin (that is evil) inherited from one’s biological father controls the whole human body.

In the upper room just before His arrest, Jesus took a piece of matzoh (unleavened bread) and broke it as a sin-free symbol of His body.  At this point, Jesus still had no sin in His body thereby preventing a voluntary physical death.

Next, Jesus went to Gethsemane where His body was made sin (i.e., broken) so He could die a voluntary physical death.

From Gethsemane to his death, Jesus never committed an act of sin.  However, on the cross, He did have Jew and gentile sins of all the elect placed upon Him resulting in a temporarily ruptured fellowship with His Father. 

Jesus voluntarily died on the cross, but not from the cross.

Finally, the Passover cup was a post-Mosaic rabbinic tradition added to the Passover meal. No matter whether the cup contained grape juice or wine, the contents were still the color of blood thereby becoming a symbol for Jesus’ physical death.

Now here is theologically consistent biblical symbolism for the Lord’s Supper. 


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