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  1.  All mankind is destined for hell because of their sins.
  2. God has compassion on whom He has compassion.
  3. God saves those He calls by regeneration—that is, by removing their stone hearts, giving a new heart and a new spirit, and putting His Spirit within them.
  4. At the outset of regeneration, all regenerate people have equal opportunity for the new heart to be free from the control of indwelling sin.
  5. Some choose faith early in their spiritual lives; others choose the works of the flesh.
  6. God gives grace to those of faith; the others He gives over to indwelling sin.
  7. Those regenerated who are under sin’s control are subject to either God’s wrath or His mercy.  God’s wrath means sin’s control, lack of spiritual knowledge (blindness), lack of assurance but not loss of heaven.
  8. God knows who will respond to Him in faith and those who will not respond in faith.
  9. Jews brought up in Judaism have the unique problem of having lived under the Law of Moses which triggers indwelling sin’s control.  In the first century church, pagan gentiles did not experience this problem.
  10. Freedom from sin’s control is experienced by renouncing life under law and subscribing to the Lordship of Jesus.
  11. Heavenly rewards of faith are dispensed on the basis of living on earth by faith.


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