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The sequence of birth, death, and rebirth which pleases God is recorded throughout the Bible in various places.  The following essay is an attempt to systematically combine the biblical record so that the reader’s understanding of the sequence may become accurately correlated and thus enhanced.


Conception takes place in a woman’s womb where a woman’s egg—without sin—is combined with a man’s sperm—containing sin.  The combined egg and sperm is immediately joined to a human spirit dispensed from God.

The dispensed human spirit is connected to the Spirit of God.  The human spirit produces a human soul via interaction with the combined egg and sperm (sometimes referred to as a ‘fertilized egg’).  The human soul is comprised of what may be termed a spiritual heart, and a unique personality.

Sin is an evil virus-like entity originally present in the forbidden fruit.  The sin in the ingested fruit infected every DNA molecule in the human body except for, by God’s design, the woman’s eggs.

Sin is propagated solely through the male’s sperm.

Sin has an unswerving agenda that eventually generates deceptions and lust leading inexorably to an act of sin.

Inevitably and unalterably, the egg/sperm combination in the womb develops into a human body that contains biological organs and systems that are all infected by sin.

The person’s biological heart is not identical to the person’s spiritual heart.


After nine months—give or take—a baby girl person or baby boy person is born.

As the person develops after birth, the spiritual heart becomes the person’s ‘command and control’ center.  The person’s spirit, spiritual heart, and brain acquire and process information.

Information enters the spiritual heart from the eyes, ears, and memory resident in the brain (the brain’s DNA contains sin) and is transmitted in thoughts to the spiritual heart via the person’s spirit.

The heart undertakes an analysis of the information, believes or rejects conclusions from the analysis, makes decisions (called the will), and using the spirit, stores pertinent information in long-term memory for recall.

Spiritual Death

At some point in reasonably advanced adolescence, the sin resident and compellingly active in the person’s brain, invariably and inescapably causes the person to commit an act of sin.  That act promptly enslaves the person to sin with its evil agenda.

Everyone on the earth commits sin.  There are no exceptions.

That first act of sin, or deed, separates the person’s spirit from the Spirit of God.  That separation is known as spiritual death.  Spiritual death effectively blocks a person from receiving God’s words.

God’s words are absolutely essential to enjoy a life pleasing to God.

Furthermore, the person’s spiritual heart becomes immediately unable to respond to the Spirit of God because of the separation.

The act or deed committed under sin’s control is credited to the person’s God-kept account.

The person’s spirit, separated from God, becomes available to Satan himself, to influences from Satan’s world system, and to demons.  Satan, his worldly influences, and demons become dominate factors in the lives of those spiritually dead.

 Physical Death

At some point in life, the person’s spirit is naturally separated from the person’s body because of the sin resident in the body.  This separation is commonly known as physical death.  Physical death can also occur prematurely from disease, murder, or accident.

Should physical death occur prematurely before a person commits an act of sin, that person is immediately and permanently remanded to heaven.

For those born again who experience physical death either naturally or prematurely, heaven becomes their immediate and permanent destination.

Born Again

Quite independently of what a person is, has done, or will do, God sovereignly, unilaterally, and in a timely fashion removes a person’s spiritual heart that has become unresponsive to Him because of sin and sins.

The person’s spirit becomes inoperative upon God’s removal of the unresponsive spiritual heart.  This state likely results in an undetectable but abrupt physical death.

Next, God instantly connects a new human spirit to the person’s body.  The new spirit is in communion with the Spirit of God.

God then replaces the removed, unresponsive heart with a new heart responsive to Him.

Finally, God the Spirit is installed by God the Father within the body of the person receiving a new spirit and new spiritual heart.

The person becomes born again instantaneously but is quite unaware of becoming born again.

The person now has the proper spiritual equipment to understand and believe God’s promises of: one, forgiveness of his/her sins; and two, freedom from slavery to sin.

By God’s design and power alone, a person accepts the free gift of eternal life by simple belief in God’s promise of forgiveness.  The person becomes know biblically as a believer.

Upon believing, Christ takes up residence spiritually in the believer’s body.

Eternal life is life that can manifest God’s righteousness on earth, and ultimately becomes the believer’s experience in the timeless spiritual domain of heaven.  In heaven, the believer has a God-given immortal body which has no sin.

All these actions by God are unconditional, permanent, and irreversible.

Relational Death

A believer can and does commit sins aka as evil deeds.  Such evil deeds result from sin’s unwavering agenda executed through deceptions and lusts in the believer’s life.  Those evil deeds result in separation from fellowship with God the Father, and with God the Son (Christ Jesus).

That separation may be termed as a ‘relational death.’

Relational death may be removed by confession.  Confession by the believer is simply stating to God and Jesus his/her responsibility for the evil act or acts of sin.

Freedom from Slavery to Sin

For the believer, freedom from the slavery to sin may be actualized and realized by simply believing God’s promise to provide freedom.  Freedom may begin by acknowledging periodically that God’s Spirit, permanently ensconced within the believer’s body, will separate him/her from sin’s power and control arising irresistibly through sin’s deceptions and lusts.

Manifestation of God’s Righteousness

God’s righteousness may be manifested through the believer, in whom Christ lives spiritually, by the believer simply believing the resurrected Christ is free from sin and physical death, and by acknowledging vocally that Christ is his/her Lord.

God’s righteousness will be manifested by Christ through the words and actions of the believer by the believer’s faith alone.

 Judgment and Rewards

The deeds of the believer will be judged at the judgment seat of Christ.  Evil deeds from sin’s promptings and control will receive wrath, indignation, tribulation, and distress.  Good deeds by Christ’s manifested life will receive glory, honor, peace, and a reward.


A comprehensive and cogent discussion of the various steps in the sequence leading to birth, death, rebirth, and a subsequent life pleasing to God has been presented.

Every effort has been made to use the vocabulary of the Scriptures so that, using a biblical concordance, the reader can locate specific word use in the appropriate contexts.

However, some coined words, plus common but non-biblical terms, have been used to promote clarification and stimulate understanding.

Scriptural quotations have not been cited in favor of simplicity.













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