Eight erroneous teachings in many local churches: 1. God loves each and every individual in the world, rather than God loves gentiles as well as Jews; 2. All adult humans have a free will, rather than being enslaved to sin which controls decisions and thereby behavior; 3. Church members are sinners saved by grace, rather […]

Introduction The predominate foci of evangelical Christianity comes through three lenses that interfere with the greatest story: evangelism/missions, discipleship, or spiritual gifts. However, the biblical reality is that emphasis on any one of these three items is simply not supported by the New Testament epistolary literature.  The reason for this sad situation is the greatest […]

Together, “the Israel of God” (Gal. 6:16) and “Israel according to the flesh” (1 Cor. 10:18; Rom. 9:3) comprised ethnic Israel Church members inhabiting the earth when Paul wrote his epistles. Both the Israel of God and Israel according to the flesh had been saved through forgiveness of their sins by believing Jesus’ word. They […]

Introduction     Local churches, some with televised worship services, have become enclaves of ethnicity.  In the multiculturalism of the United States, there are individual congregations whose makeup is predominately Norwegian, or German, or Anglo, or Hispanic, or African, or Jewish, or Chinese, or Korean—hyphenated Americans all..  One wonders if such will be the case when […]