A CHRISTIAN OXYMORON: AN OBEDIENT SAINT Introduction An oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words, like “cruel kindness.”  So why is an “obedient saint” a Christian oxymoron?  The following essay will provide the theological answer to this question. Definition of a Christian Saint Some of the apostle Paul’s letters are addressed to “saints.”  A Greek […]

Introduction One of the more instructive biblical studies is to trace the apostle Paul’s spiritual biography.  The reason for such a study’s vital importance is that tracing Paul’s spiritual birth, re-birth, and growth can have a dramatic and significant impact upon the spiritual maturation of believers in the twenty-first century. Paul’s Early Years Like all […]

INTRODUCTION In a previous essay—Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler—it was shown that early in the Rich Young Ruler’s meeting with Jesus, the Ruler had become born again.  Also, it was posited that the Rich Young Ruler was, in fact, John Mark.  This essay will identify the significant spiritual issue that developed between John Mark […]

Introduction     Every believer faces a daunting dilemma.  The predicament arises from indwelling sin with its agenda and tactics that infests all human bodies from birth to physical death.  Of course, Jesus was not born with the dilemma because His birth was without a biological father from whom everyone else inherits indwelling sin.     The […]