Introduction Here’s something worth thinking about if you were chosen as a “doorkeeper” in your household. The biblical job-description for a doorkeeper can be learned from Jesus’ simile regarding a doorkeeper’s assigned role (Mark 13:34-37). In the simile, Jesus is the departed Lord of the servants who each have assigned tasks during His absence. His […]

THE ANY MOMENT RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH, IMMINENCE, AND GOD’S PREPARATION OF ISRAEL[1]   Because one is ignorant of the day and hour of the rapture, some have then reasoned that the rapture could happen at any moment.  Such reasoning distorts logic.  One’s ignorance of an event’s timing does not produce an almost infinite number […]

IMMINENCY AND THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH Imminency and the “Any-Moment” Doctrine  The Bible is the only authoritative source for doctrines of the church.  Therefore, church doctrine is based on either direct scriptural teaching and/or on inductions from scriptural facts. The doctrine of imminency is based neither on direct teaching nor induction.  In fact, not […]

    IMMINENCY OF THE RAPTURE AND DATE SETTING   The rapture of the church is spoken of as an imminent event.  Bible Department Professor Louis A. Barbieri of Moody Bible Institute defines imminency in his doctoral dissertation as follows:  imminency is not date-setting; imminency is not a chronological concept; imminency does not mean soon or […]