SALVATION AND ETERNAL SECURITY THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION AND ETERNAL SECURITY The gospel of Salvation was best stated by the apostle Paul on a Sabbath day in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch sometime during July-September, 48 AD while on his first missionary journey. Paul’s statement was recorded in Acts 13:38-39. 38“Therefore let it be known […]


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 GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION  All mankind is destined for hell because of their sins. God has compassion on whom He has compassion. God saves those He calls by regeneration—that is, by removing their stone hearts, giving a new heart and a new spirit, and putting His Spirit within them. At the outset of regeneration, all […]

Salvation—The Two Aspects     Salvation’s first aspect is God’s promise of forgiveness for one’s sins through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The second aspect is God’s promise of freedom from the enslaving power of sin in a believer’s body. Repentance     To repent means one changes one’s mind from self-dependence to depending exclusively upon God alone in matters […]

DOES GOD GIVE FAITH? Introduction A recent journal article in the May/June 2011 issue of Grace in Focus by Dr. Bob Wilkin raised the question, “Is God An Equal Opportunity Saver?”  In his article’s  Conclusion, Dr. Wilkin answered the question with the assertions: “He [God] doesn’t give anyone faith . . . Everyone is capable […]

Salvation Strategies   Introduction   The apostle Paul adopted two salvation strategies for “the circumcised.”  Two strategies were necessary because the circumcised, for the most part, were divided into two categories: unsaved and saved.  Jews dominated “the circumcised,” although it was likely that small numbers of gentiles (e.g., proselytes to Judaism) could also be found […]

Prayer and Salvation       A coterie of sincere and dedicated women in a local church has dedicated itself, for years, to pray for unsaved family members and spouses whose relatives attend the church.  The group encourages participation from other church members, and proclaims its answered prayers by recounting the total from its formerly-unsaved list […]